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Parent Resources

parent resources

Bible App For Kids


We know most kiddos love screen time. Why not introduce some Bible to that screen time! With 40 plus biblical accounts, the Bible app for kids is available for apple and android. Click the icon for the link to the website and ways to download the app.


Jesus Storybook Bible/The Story of God’s Love for You

The Jesus Storybook Bible invites children to discover for themselves the one who is at the center of God’s great rescue story — and at the center of their story, too. Because the Bible is not a book of rules or a book of heroes, the Bible is most of all a story. And at the center of that story is a baby. Every single story in the Bible whispers His name.

Note: These two resources are the same text. One is designed with pictures for children, and the other is designed for adults so that pictures do not get in the way of the message. Each resource is to help us see that each account whispers the name of Jesus!

The Action Bible

The Action Bible will capture your child! Comics and Jesus, what could be better? From the same illustrator, Sergio Cariello, of Marvel and DC Comics, the Action Bible gives children a new way to interact with God’s word.  It is the perfect Bible for today’s visually focused culture. Click on the image for more information!


Since 1976,  FamilyLife® has been committed to helping you find biblical help for your marriage and family relationships. There are great articles about marriage, family, and parenting. Take a few minutes and find some great encouragement. Click on the green icon to the left to learn more!

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