Emerging Generations

EMERGING GENERATIONS exists to help establish STRONG and VIBRANT FAMILIES at Southern Gables Church

Raising strong and vibrant families is a lot like climbing a mountain.  Starting out on the JOURNEY, we help our children learn how we fit into “the Big God Story”. As our families move to the EDGE of childhood and the beginning of the teenage years, we desire to solidify a network of God honoring adults that can walk with families. Next, families continue the ASCENT up the mountain in the High School years. We desire to help families integrate their relationship with God into all the complexities of life. As students reach the SUMMIT of maturation into adulthood, we want to help them rejoice and reflect on the journey thus far and look toward the next generation of families climbing the EMERGING GENERATIONS Mountain.

This is accomplished through…

A STRONG Discipleship Making Pathway
Joel 1:3

A VIBRANT understanding of God’s Design for families
Deuteronomy 6:4-9

FAMILIES living BETTER TOGETHER – Alignment and synergy of all Emerging Generations ministries
Psalm 78:4-6
Psalm 145:4

Advancing Jesus' Life-Transforming Movement of Disciples Making Disciples