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III Strands

9:00am in the Outback building, room 202

Married couples in their 30’s, young families


9:00am in room 171

Families or singles with school-age children


9:00am in room 167

Families or singles with children through college/career age


9:15am in the Outback building, room 103

Young adults ages 18-24

Working on Wisdom

9:00am in room 169

Varied with singles, married, and those who have celebrated many anniversaries

Home Improvement

9:00am in room 177

Families and singles with children of all ages and life stages

Day by Day

9:00am in room 173

Intergenerational, average age 50+

The Road Less Traveled

9:00am in room 179

Married or single with high-school to adult children


10:40am in room 173

Adult singles and couples ages 50+


10:40am in room 271

Career and retired


10:40am in rooms 177-179 (combined)

Singles and couples ages 70+

This Week’s Sermon

Sola: Soli Deo Gloria | Cameron Tate (Romans 11:33-36 and 1 Corinthians 10:31)

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