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Mission & Vision

Mission and Vision

Our Mission

Advancing Jesus’ Life-Transforming Movement of Disciples Making Disciples

WE DREAM OF a dynamic, vitalized community of Christ followers at Southern Gables Church—both people and facilities—where missional community is being built to reach our world, locally and globally, for Jesus Christ, with a deep passion for reaching young families and singles who are far from God, and just about everyone else, reaching the lost, not just reshuffling the sheep. Therefore, we are not ashamed to say that we want to make an intentional investment in the emerging generations.

WE DREAM OF an intergenerational community of Christ followers where our older generations fully embrace their biblical mandate to see Christ formed in our younger generations, and our younger generations recognize the God given treasure of wisdom, grace and life experience provided for them in the older generation. Therefore, we will provide intentional opportunities for the generations to journey together with Jesus Christ.

WE DREAM OF a community of Christ followers with a transformational Children’s Ministry that draws families from SW Denver and beyond. Therefore, we will not be afraid to create a Sunday morning and midweek environment so kids want to come learn—high creativity AND high biblical content.

WE DREAM OF a community of Christ followers where grace and truth are held in tension, a place where people have the freedom to transparently work out their messy lives without immediately conforming to all the hallmarks of Christian maturity. Therefore, we will strive to be a church where those who are far from God feel welcome so that ultimately they might be won for Jesus Christ.

WE DREAM OF a simple church committed to impact over activity with plenty of space for relationship with those who are far from God. Therefore, three commitments are considered to be full devotion—Sunday worship, Life Group or Adult Community, service.

This Week’s Sermon

Knowing God | Jeff Daley (Exodus 33)

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