We believe that Jesus has called all those who believe in him to be baptized. This is an important step of obedience in your faith as it publicly and visibly represents your commitment to Christ and his work in your life! If you have placed your trust in Jesus and you haven’t been baptized we strongly encourage you to consider being baptized here at SGC.

Myths about baptism:

I am a Christian but don’t need to be baptized!

Truth: As Christians we are called to be baptized! Although the act of baptism does not save us, it is still an act of obedience that Jesus and the New Testament commands. It is not an optional suggestion.

I am a Christian but I’m not ready for baptism, I will wait until I am stronger in my faith.

Truth: If you have put your faith in Jesus Christ, you are ready for baptism! There is no additional step or nudge from God that you need. Baptism is an expectation as soon as you put your faith in Jesus.

We have regular baptism services throughout the year. If you are interested and would like more information about the process contact Cameron Tate at

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