Global Outreach FAQs

We have prepared the following questions and answers to help us better communicate the Global Outreach and other outreach programs at Southern Gables Church. If you have additional questions or comments, please contact the church office.

What determines the target of our Global Outreach efforts? How do we decide what we do and where we go?

Global Outreach personnel receive support from Southern Gables in three different categories. These are listed from lowest to highest with respect to the amount of their support and commensurate with: 1) their connection to Southern Gables, and 2) their completion of the Missionary Candidate Development Program (MCDP). Note that all long-term Global Staff must fit our strategic parameters.

Level 1 – Global Associates

These are individuals going to the field from local Evangelical Free churches and who have met the following criteria:

  • They are members of an Evangelical Free church in the Rocky Mountain Region.
  • They are going out under an approved mission sending agency.
  • They have presented a deployment proposal that is consistent with our strategy as outlined in our Missions Policy Book.

Level 2 – Global Partners

These are individuals that have met the following criteria:

  • They have been partners (members) of Southern Gables for at least four years.
  • They are going out under an approved mission sending agency.
  • They have presented a deployment proposal that is consistent with our strategy as outlined in our Missions Policy Book.

NOTE: These individuals may become Global Staff Members by completing the requirements of the MCDP.

Level 3 – Global Staff Members

These are individuals that have completed the Missionary Candidate Development Program.

  • They have presented a deployment proposal that is consistent with our strategy.
  • They have met the eight-year residency requirement.
  • They are going out under an approved mission sending agency.

A Global Staff Member is considered a SGC staff member serving cross-culturally.

How are these different Global Outreach personnel supported financially?
“Associates” and “Partner” Global personnel are placed on the general church budget with specific support amounts for each staff determined as part of our annual budget process. “Global Staff Members” are supported through the Kingdom Connection Campaign. Each year (usually in January) individuals can indicate how much they plan to give to the Kingdom Connection Fund toward the support of all of our Global Staff Members. Global Staff Members can receive up to one-half of their support from SGC and/or Kingdom Connection as determined by their sending agency. They raise the rest of their support from other churches and individuals outside of SGC.
What is the purpose of the “Associates” category?
It is designed to create an atmosphere of cooperation among the other Evangelical Free Churches in the Rocky Mountain Region. Through cooperation, we envision our staff not having to travel all over the country to connect with their supporters. Our hope is that other Evangelical Free Churches will support our staff that go out with an approved agency and fit their strategy. This allows our Global Staff Members to participate in the life of the church while home on furlough. We call this particular time “Global Staff Member-in-Residence.”
Can one designate giving for a specific Partner or Associate Global personnel?
Yes, the Partner or Associate can receive the funds above their normal budgeted amounts. These are to be given directly to their supporting agency, not SGC.
Can one designate giving for a specific Global Staff Member?
Yes. You can give to the Kingdom Connection Fund and those funds will be used where they are most needed. Or you can give to a specific member.
How can an Adult Community *Sunday school class* support missions?

There are a number of ways including the following:

  1. Care for one or two missionary families. “If they don’t feel cared for, than we aren’t caring for them.”
  2. Encourage fellow class members to be sent out as career missionaries.
  3. Help educate the next generation on how to be a missionary or how to support missionaries.
  4. Begin a prayer group for missionaries.
  5. Form a group to go on a short-term mission trip.
How do we evaluate how we are doing in missions?

We are refining our evaluation criteria, but typically we need to answer the following questions:

  1. Are we completing the task the Lord Jesus gave us?
  2. Are our resources being strategically deployed?
  3. Are we sending out young, qualified missionaries?
  4. Do we have potential new missionaries in the training pipeline?
  5. Are our missionaries remaining on the field?
  6. Are we all truly sacrificing for the Lord Jesus to fulfill the great commandment [Matt 28:19-20]
How are we doing on our support? An A or an F?

We believe at this time we can grade ourselves as B+ or A-. Indicators of a job well done in supporting our missionaries include:

  1. No missionary has come off the field because of lack of support.
  2. We have met our Kingdom Connection commitments every year.
  3. God is raising up individuals to care for our missionaries.
  4. God is strengthening ministries to care for our missionaries, for example the Global Outreach Team, Adult Communities, Children’s Ministries, etc.
  5. Awareness and concern for our missionaries are increasing.
What are the criteria for SGCs short-term missions trips?
We desire the trips to closely fit our philosophy, strategy and purpose for missions. Most of our trips are designed to work closely with either our Global Staff Members or Global Partners and are intended to further their ministry. Our intent is to afford families the opportunity to cross cultures and experience ministry together. We attempt to utilize the unique gifts of the travelers in ministry activities. We view short-term trips as an opportunity to make a major contribution to the spiritual formation of the participants. Where a local indigenous Church exists, we go only with their invitation and serve under their authority.
Is our missionary candidate’s preparation adequate?
We believe our selection and training program yields some of the most qualified and successful workers on the field. Although suggestions to improve the details of our program are always encouraged, we believe our fundamental strategy and policies are solid. The low attrition of our staff missionaries along with their effective ministry is a real affirmation of our preparation.
What do we offer for our high-school and college students?

We strongly encourage these students to participate in various conferences, training and short-term trips. For example:

  1. Travel with their parents on international short-term mission activities.
  2. Complete the Perspectives training classes.
  3. Attend Intervarsity’s Urbana Missions Conference which is held every three years.
  4. Every two to three years we send a high school team to Poland to help with English camps, etc.
How are we incorporating missions into our Children’s Ministries, or into the lives of the next generation?

We use several approaches to reach children with the awesome privilege of making God’s name great among the nations. Examples include:

  1. We hold Perspectives classes for Children (15 weeks) in conjunction with the adult Perspectives Class.
  2. The World’s Fair hosted every other year is a child-friendly event.
  3. The theme of Children’s Church often incorporates missions.
  4. Our children are encouraged to go with their parents on international short-term family mission trips. They have more people their age in the country they are going to than their parents.

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