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Kingdom Connection

They will tell of the glory of your Kingdom and speak of your might, so that all men may know…

Psalm 145:11-12

The Desire for Personal Relationship

In our highly mobile and complex society, personal relationships mean everything. When it comes to stewardship, we prefer to give not just to “good causes,” but to people we know and ministries that touch our own lives. The Kingdom Connection allows donors to designate their support to specific Staff Missionaries, known as Global Staff Members, facilitating the kind of personal relationship that helps donors know they are a vital link in the ministries of these missionaries. This “ownership” produces a greater motivation to pray faithfully, which is what our missionaries need most if they are to penetrate difficult areas. Prayer follows sacrifice.

For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.

Matthew 6:21

A Commitment to Biblical Partnership

First century Christians acted as united bodies, rather than individually, in the sending of missionaries. The Kingdom Connection links donors directly to our Global Staff Members while consolidating funds into a single giving block to facilitate the kind of concerted assistance and biblical accountability seen in Paul’s relationships with churches in Antioch and Philippi. Consolidation allows us to have a high degree of influence on missionary preparation and deployment, and enables our Global Staff Members to serve as Southern Gables Church staff members during their furloughs. As Global Staff Members-in-Residence, furloughing missionaries can minister (and be ministered to) here in their home church, instead of running their families ragged while meeting briefly with widely scattered individual supporters. Giving through the church enables us to work together in world evangelization, accomplishing much more than we could individually!

How Does It Work?

The Annual Campaign

Each year our Global Outreach Committee sets prayer and financial support goals for each Global Staff Member based on his or her support needs as determined by the sending agency. Southern Gables Church makes every effort to solicit 50% of each Global Staff Member’s financial support. We also ask that 25 persons commit to be daily prayer partners for each missionary and that 100 persons commit to be regular prayer partners. Individuals, families, small groups, and Adult Communities are encouraged to support our Global Staff Members by designating their prayer and financial support through Kingdom Connection.

CLICK HERE to pledge through our Kingdom Connection Response Card

After the Campaign

Global Staff Members are given a list of those that have committed to praying for them “daily” and “regularly.”

Donors submit monthly checks written to Southern Gables Church and designate it for Kingdom Connection, rather than the missionary’s agency. If participants request it, they receive regular prayer and report letters from the Global Staff Members.

Why Not Just Send Funds to the Various Mission Agencies? Why Contribute Through the Church?

We believe it is biblical for a church to act as a united body, rather than individually, in the sending of missionaries. Our Global Outreach Committee maintains close contact with sending agencies to keep abreast of our missionaries’ specific needs. In addition, the Global Outreach Committee continually evaluates the work of our missionaries and the role Southern Gables Church plays in world evangelization, helping to ensure our continued progress toward the goals we have established as a church.

What Will Be My Commitment?

We hold no one personally accountable for fulfilling their Kingdom Connection pledge to pray or give financially. It is between you and the Lord. If you desire to revise your commitment in any way, you may do so. We do encourage you to help provide continuity of support to our missionaries by renewing your commitment annually. The pledge period normally runs from January through December.

How Does Someone Become a Global Staff Member?

Global Staff Members are those members of our congregation who have met the stringent training requirements of our Missionary Candidate Development Program. For many years prior to their appointment, each was deeply involved in the life and ministry of Southern Gables. Each missionary’s choice of a target people group, sending agency, and strategic ministry assignment is made in concert with the leadership of Southern Gables Church. More information.

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