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Giving Opportunities

The Bible teaches that all Christians should give back to God as an act of worship. Our giving, first and foremost, is not about meeting budget needs. It is an act of worship whereby we bless and honor God by acknowledging that He is the source of every good thing. According to Scripture, we are to worship God by giving:

  • Regularly
  • From the first part of our earnings
  • In proportion to our income
  • Cheerfully, and
  • Freely, not as a result of compulsion or pressure

As part of your act of worship I'd encourage you to consider the following verses: Romans 12:1-2, 1 Corinthians 16:1-2 and 2 Corinthians 9:7. May God bless you richly as you worship Him in this way!

Pastor Jeff Daley

Giving Opportunities

Everyday Generosity: My tithe, as an act of worship

  • The General Fund – Direct support of our Vision and Mission to grow God’s Kingdom through Ministries, Programs, Outreach, Personnel and Facilities.

Sacrificial Generosity: Over and above my tithe

  • Benevolence – Compassionate and practical help for those in need within our Church family and support for partner organizations that serve others in our community.
  • Debt Reduction – Additional amounts applied to our monthly mortgage payments to accelerate payoff.
  • Global Outreach Fund – Support for our Global Outreach Missionaries through the pooled fund.

Legacy Generosity: An impact beyond my lifetime

  • Please contact Executive Pastor, Dave Kuntzman, to discuss further.

Giving FAQ's

Is tithing really biblical?
During the course of the year a faithful Israelite was expected to give several tithes (a tithe literally means 10%). However, nowhere in the New Testament are we given a specific percentage we ought to give. So is the standard in the New Testament actually less? No, it's greater. Having been sanctified forever by the sacrifice of Jesus, believers are to live with the awareness that all we have belongs to God. To ask, "How much must I give?" misses the point. We ought to ask, "How much can I give? How can I give generously?" With the Old Testament informing our thinking on the matter of sacrificial giving, one should conclude that 10% is a good starting point with the goal of growing in generosity.
How should I give?
You should give first as an act of worship to the local church's general fund. Then, as an offering above and beyond your regular act of worship, you are encouraged to give to ministries like Benevolence and Global Outreach Fund.
How can I give to God when I can barely pay for gas?
That's a great question! In a declining economy it is difficult to manage a budget, and it takes wisdom, sacrifice, and intentionality to determine what is right for you and your family. How can you can honor God with the best of your income? It may seem simplistic, but ask God. Pray regularly for your needs, for wisdom to use your money wisely, and for a kingdom perspective over the worldly pressures of the culture.
What does my offering pay for?
Technically we do not give to the church to meet budget needs. First and foremost we give to God as an act of worship. Then, as a distant second, the funds are used to provide for the needs of the local church—pastors, missionaries, support for various ministries, building and supplies.
Are offerings given to the church tax deductible?
Yes, all offerings given to the church are tax deductible as long as any goods or services are not received in exchange for your money (i.e., a registration for a women's conference is not tax deductible).
How do I know my donations are being used properly?
When you give to Southern Gables Church, every dime is accounted for. All offerings are used to support ministry purposes—either here at Southern Gables or through ministries/missionaries we support. For specific question, please contact Executive Pastor, Dave Kuntzman.
Is it safe to give online?
Southern Gables uses Church Community Builder (CCB) and BluePay to process online giving for our church. CCB manages mySGC, the church database, and provides a secure portal for giving transactions. BluePay is a financial industry leader that processes transactions for hundreds of churches and thousands of institutions. Both companies comply with strict security standards for handling online transactions. Your financial account information is stored on secure BluePay servers. Neither SGC or CCB staff have access to your financial account information. Only you and selected SGC financial staff can view your contribution records...

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