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Make Disciples

Make Disciples in focused 4E groups

Fulfill the Great Commission. Make disciples in a 4E group.

Our mission is to advance Jesus’ life-transforming movement of disciples making disciples. That is, we seek to grow God's kingdom by equipping all believers to share the gospel (evangelism), helping younger believers mature in faith (discipleship), and helping mature believers train new disciple-makers.

One way we accomplish this mission is through 4E groups. These groups meet regularly to train believers to do the following:

  1. Engage non-believers with the gospel
  2. Establish believers in the faith
  3. Equip believers for the work of ministry
  4. Expand God's kingdom

Being part of a 4E group requires a commitment, and isn't necessarily for every believer. If you're ready to learn to be a well-equipped disciple-maker, a 4E group can be an exciting and eternally rewarding adventure!

More Information

For more information, please email Ashley Hurlburt using the form below, or call the church at (303) 986-1527.

Contact Ashley Hurlburt

Contact Ashley Hurlburt

Advancing Jesus' Life-Transforming Movement of Disciples Making Disciples