Our Guiding Principles

  1. World evangelization is a task which can, and will, be completed, not an unending activity. As such, we work towards its completion, using a well-defined, intentional strategy to maximize the benefit of the investment of our limited resources.
  2. The task is to “reach” each of the world’s people groups with the gospel of Jesus Christ.
  3. A people group is “reached” when it has a mature and reproducing indigenous evangelical church movement that is capable of evangelizing every person within that group.
  4. Indigenization is realized largely by a cross-cultural missionary spirit and method which intentionally yields control to the developing national church for its internal and external ministries, progressively restricts its own involvements to only those facilitation ministries which the nationals cannot yet do for themselves, and ultimately disengages.
  5. The local church, not parachurch agencies, has primary responsibility for world evangelization.
  6. The local church effects world evangelization primarily through missionaries.
  7. Biblical partnership between church and missionary includes missionary preparation, missionary sending, intercession, financial support, encouragement, and accountability.
  8. Participation in world evangelization must be characterized by sacrifice and faith.

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