Southern Gables Missionaries: Global Staff

Southern Gables is blessed to provide friendship, personal care, prayer and financial support to a number of missionaries both locally and around the world. These missionaries are in three groups based on their relationship to our church and the degree of support we provide. See the answers to Frequently Asked Questions for more information on how our missionaries are supported. Click on the links below to see more information on our missionaries. As discussed elsewhere, we have three categories of missionaries:

Global Staff Members

Global Staff Members are those members of our congregation who have met the stringent training requirements of our Missionary Candidate Development Program. For many years prior to their appointment, each was deeply involved in the life and ministry of Southern Gables. Each missionary’s choice of a target people group, sending agency, and strategic ministry assignment was made in concert with the leadership of Southern Gables Church. Global Staff Members receive up to half of their annual financial support and enlist daily and regular prayer partners through the Kingdom Connection campaign.

  • Jon & Kathy Haley ~ Spain
  • Luke & Laura Livingston* ~ West Africa
  • Keith & Kathy Principle* ~ Southeast Asia
  • Steve & Joy Sellers* ~ Southeast Asia
  • David & Mary Shepherd* ~ Asia
  • Daniel & Maria Teacher* ~ Southeast Asia

Global Partners

Global Partners are members of our congregation who are deployed locally to serve in support roles for local and global outreach. Generally, Global Partners are not supported to serve internationally. Those who are located overseas were deployed either before the institution of Kingdom Connection or given special dispensation at the discretion of the missions committee.

  • Jim & Jennifer Apple* ~ Central Asia
  • Rich & Merja Duke ~ Colorado
  • Brad & Toni Guderian ~ Papua New Guinea
  • Dan & Laura Hash ~ Poland
  • Doug & Janet Nickelson ~ Michigan
  • John & Abigail Singer* ~ Europe
  • Mike & Kimberly Staub ~ Southeast Asia
  • Steve & Cindy Thompson ~ Italy
  • Gene & Lily Tubig* ~ Colorado
  • Kirk & Dawn Wilson ~ Colorado

Global Associates

Global Associates receive limited support from SGC and are serving within our global Outreach strategy but are members of other Evangelical Churches in the Rocky Mountain region.

  • Adam & Ann Livingston* ~ West Africa
  • Jon & Meta Nelson ~ Spain
  • Jason & Janet Planter* ~ Middle East

* Pseudonyms are used for security reasons to protect persons serving in restricted access countries.

Photo credit, M. Staub.

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