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Getting Involved

Did you know that there are SIX different ways to be involved in missions? The Global Outreach Team has identified specific opportunities for each one of us to make a difference in reaching God’s world for Christ. Stop by the GO Team table in the Welcome Center to pick up your copy of “6 Ways to Reach God’s World” or download your own copy.


Short-term trips: A good way to start is to go on a short-term missions trip. There are a variety of opportunities each year. We periodically offer vision trips to view first hand how our support of local pastors is spreading the Gospel.

Click Here to see current Short-Term Trip opportunities.

Me, a Missionary? Perhaps God has been calling you to consider serving as a full-time missionary.

Other ways to get involved:
Visit a missionary in their country of service.
Go on a short term trip with SGC.
Go to Urbana (
Plan a family vacation around visiting a missionary family.
Visit a missionary in conjunction with a business trip.
Connect with local churches during international vacations and business trips.
College students could do a semester abroad in a location where there are missionaries they know or where they might be interested in doing ministry.
Do refugee work, e.g. join a medical team, do food distribution, do trauma counseling, teach English classes, help with microenterprise, do sports camps.


Prayer Guide: Visit our GO Table in the Welcome Center and pick up the latest Prayer Guide

Other ways to get involved:
Pray for a missionary, and then send them a note saying you prayed for them. Use the Prayer Guide for e-mail addresses. (For current prayer requests go to Missionary Prayer Requests).
Join the Women’s Missionary Prayer team. Meetings are held the last Monday of each month. E-mail Pat at
Pray for SGC short term trips and the participants when they are gone.
Communicate missionary prayer requests to those interested in praying.
Host a prayer meeting for missions.
Lead worship for a prayer meeting for missions.
Pray through a copy of Operation World.
Sign up for a time to pray for Central/Eastern Europe on the interactive, inspiring, and informative Josiah Venture Prayer room.
Pray with & for a missionary when they are on home assignment.


Ways to get involved:
Study an unreached people group on Joshua Project’s list.
Visit an ethnic community in your area or attend an ethnic church.
Audit a class at Denver Seminary or a local Bible college.
Attend a Perspectives class
Read missionary biographies. The YWAM books are a great choice.
Learn a new language/culture.
Take advantage of ongoing biblical and theological growth opportunities, formal and informal.
Learn the geography, culture, people, and needs, and also learn what it is the missionary does.


Ways to get involved:
Support someone going to Urbana.
Purchase a gift card for a missionary or their child on their birthday or at Christmas. Contact Women’s Missionary Prayer team ( to donate.
Give gifts to missionaries on home assignment. (Groceries, gas card, etc.)
Be a coordinator for sending, let people know when and how they can help.
Commit to give monthly support.
Write a letter of encouragement or send a card to a missionary at SGC. See prayer guide for e-mail addresses.
Donate clothes for missionary kids when they come home for home assignment.
Visit a missionary in their country of service.
Help a missionary with house projects when they are on home assignment.


Ways to get involved:
Encourage someone to go to Urbana.
Host a ministry report.
Join the GO team.
Set-up or clean-up for a ministry report.
Attend another church’s missions conference.
Facilitate a missions related study in your Life Group.
Host a missions movie night at your home.
Invite people to SGC March Missions Month Event (March 16, 2019).
Welcome a missionary on home assignment to share with your small group.
Help with and facilitate short term trips through SGC.


Sign up to support our Missionaries in various ways when they are in the U.S.

Other ways to get involved:
Join an ESL conversation group (Tuesday evenings beginning January 8).
Host a dinner & Bible Study for international students (
Offer to babysit children of missionaries for an evening, while they are on home assignment.
Invite a missionary for dinner or dessert.
Connect with an ethnic congregation.
Do airport runs, picking up and dropping off.
Help missionary kids transitioning to college.
Provide missionaries with a place to stay.
Offer to take items in your suitcase when traveling to an area where missionaries live.
Help missionaries with their tax returns.
Invite internationals into your home for special holidays.
Send a short response after receiving an email update from a missionary.

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